The Approval of William Buller to Carlin Motorsports
William Buller's GP3 Campaign
Campaign GP3 Transition Team
Candidate William Buller
Affiliation Social Democratic Party
Carlin Motorsports
Headquarters Kasia
Key people Gabby Concepcion
Slogan ''Go! Buller
Go! Carlin
Go! GP3''
Theme song Always Come Back To Your Love by Samantha Mumba

William Buller will join British race team Carlin for this year’s GP3 Series.Edit

William Buller (2012)

William Buller

Northern Irishman William Buller will race alongside already confirmed drivers Alex Brundle and Antonio Felix da Costa in the support series GP3 at European Formula 1 events this season.

19 year-old Buller has completed several successful GP3 tests with Carlin, finishing yesterday’s official test at Silverstone fifth quickest overall. The young Brit has an impressive record in junior motorsport having previously competed in the British F3 International Series.

Buller is a previous race winner in British F3 and has claimed 14 F3 podiums intotal. The Carlin Motorsports man also has previous experience in the Formula 1 support paddock, having raced in Formula BMW Europe in 2009. The BRDC Rising Star claimed one podium finish and one pole position that season.

Taking about the GP3 Series, Buller said, “I’ve tested the GP3 car a few times over the winter with Carlin and it’s gone very well. GP3 is now an established series with great racing, plus it has a lot of commercial and sporting benefits for me as I develop my career. Live TV on the new Sky Sports F1 channel will be good for my sponsors and the opportunity to show the F1 teams what I can do again is a major plus point for me as a driver.

“I know most of the tracks from Formula BMW, but I am going to gain even more experience of competing on a number of Formula 1 circuits, which will help me as I move forwards in my career.”

Trevor Carlin added, “Will has made a great impression on the team in pre-season testing. He has made a big step forwards in the car as demonstrated by his pace at Silverstone this week. Together with Brundle and Antonio, Will creates an extremely strong team for us in GP3 which I believe has the potential to challenge for the title.”

Buller will be In-waiting by 72 Hours the Transition Team fly to Scarva in Northern Ireland to see his Parents, the later day then Flying to London to Farnham in the England to Visit the Headquarters of Carlin Motorsports then on Sunday the fly back to United States in the GP3 Union Headquarters to Approved the Results is Buller joined Carlin in the GP3 Series.

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274 Politicians are Supported Buller to the Carlin Motorsports in the GP3 Series This Year Gabby Concepcion and Mat Ranillo III led the Task Force to Endorsed Buller to the GP3.




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